‘Kinesthetic and Authentic Learning through Haiku Poetry’ by Kirk Bergen

Children absolutely love learning and studying anything having to do with animals. They are more focused and tuned in to the learning process visually and auditorily and are excited to learn more with photos, videos, text, sound, conversation, and dialogue with the introduction to the topic.

At Davis-Ramoth School in Selawik, Alaska in Northwest Arctic School Borough, general education teachers have been joining their students during their daily Inupiaq class to learn more about the culture and to learn more about what they are studying and learning. I then like to integrate what they are studying and learning in Inupiaq with social studies, science, art, reading, and writing back in the general education classroom with kinesthetic learning that emphasizes hands-on and interactive learning experiences. This type of learning utilizes the sense of touch and movement to facilitate understanding and retention. Physical activity is incorporated with movement and hands-on experiences to enhance the learning process. Continue reading ‘Kinesthetic and Authentic Learning through Haiku Poetry’ by Kirk Bergen

‘Kelp in Cordova Classrooms’ by Skye Steritz

In Prince William Sound and several other regions in Alaska, kelp farming is a budding, regenerative industry, adding to the vibrancy of working waterfronts. I am a fourth grade teacher at Mt. Eccles Elementary School in the Cordova City School District and also a kelp farmer. My husband and I started Noble Ocean Farms in January 2020. From the start, I was determined to find ways to weave my passions of education and ocean science.

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