‘Kinesthetic and Authentic Learning through Haiku Poetry’ by Kirk Bergen

Children absolutely love learning and studying anything having to do with animals. They are more focused and tuned in to the learning process visually and auditorily and are excited to learn more with photos, videos, text, sound, conversation, and dialogue with the introduction to the topic.

At Davis-Ramoth School in Selawik, Alaska in Northwest Arctic School Borough, general education teachers have been joining their students during their daily Inupiaq class to learn more about the culture and to learn more about what they are studying and learning. I then like to integrate what they are studying and learning in Inupiaq with social studies, science, art, reading, and writing back in the general education classroom with kinesthetic learning that emphasizes hands-on and interactive learning experiences. This type of learning utilizes the sense of touch and movement to facilitate understanding and retention. Physical activity is incorporated with movement and hands-on experiences to enhance the learning process. Continue reading ‘Kinesthetic and Authentic Learning through Haiku Poetry’ by Kirk Bergen

‘Is It Library Time?’ By Principal Cherita Williams

A recently converted storage space in Buckland School in the Northwest Arctic Borough School District.  Principal Cherita Williams spent part of the summer of 2023 prepping a new library space in order to promote literacy, and even more importantly, a love of books and reading in her school.

When Principal Williams arrived in Buckland School, there was a small library, but students did not use it and the books were old and outdated. She also saw that an area used for general storage could be smartly repurposed to serve as a bigger library space. As a long-time educator with her own love of books, she set out to update and transform students’ access to high quality books and a matching space dedicated to reading. Continue reading ‘Is It Library Time?’ By Principal Cherita Williams

‘Nenana City School Fosters a Shared Love of Reading’ by Principal Dave Huntington

Nenana City School is a sub-grantee of Alaska’s Comprehensive Literacy Development Grant award. Part of our many initiatives to support and promote literacy in our student body has been the implementation of a quarterly book distribution. The idea is simple: Each student enrolled in our K-12 school receives a book each quarter. So far we have had a 100% participation rate in our student body, from Kindergarten to high school Seniors.

Depending on the grade level and students’ background, teachers have been consulting with students on their book of choice. However, the primary goal of this initiative is to promote leisure reading in students, and therefore students have the ultimate say in what it is they receive for their book distribution. One elementary teacher shared, “My students look forward to the book distribution every quarter and they have even started choosing the same books to read together!” 

Continue reading ‘Nenana City School Fosters a Shared Love of Reading’ by Principal Dave Huntington