‘Virtual EdCamp Continues~Join us Oct 17th!’ By Tana Martin

You may remember reading about a group of Interior Alaska educators that pulled off a last minute, virtual EdCamp in March of 2020. It was a team effort with contributions made by educators from several school districts. Sadly the team lost their mighty leader, Christina Hum, when she moved Outside this summer. Her enthusiasm for EdCamp inspired and directed us as we built the foundation. The team has carried on. The next virtual event is scheduled for Saturday, October 17th from 9:00am-1:30pm.  ALL Alaskan educators (not just the Interior!) are invited!!!  K-12 educators from all areas & all levels…especially our rural Alaska colleagues! https://tinyurl.com/yy5yz4zy

What is EdCamp? EdCamp is a grassroot version of unconference. An opportunity for educators to come together & make connections by learning from others. Check out our website: https://sites.google.com/k12northstar.org/ak-interior-edcamp/information Our goal is to help you not feel like an island. You have innovatives ideas we want to SHARE! You never know what you’re doing to learn from the other participants!  You don’t know…what you don’t know. When participants arrive, they communicate the topics about which they hope to learn & share. Organizers use that information to quickly build the schedule board of sessions. Here’s an example from our March session:

And there is SWAG you could win!!!

A little history: At our first Interior AK EdCamp, 30-40 amazing educators attended our successful, Saturday morning event and engaged in a wide variety of informal, personal professional development. The quality of conversations that occurred completely blew us away.  Because the first event was such an amazing experience, we wanted to build off our momentum and plan a Spring 2020 follow up. One week before our March event, confirmed that now, more than ever, educators needed space to connect, talk and share. We decided to go virtual! The event went off without a hitch. 40-50 participants used shared Google tools to keep everyone organized, along with Zoom meeting rooms for both breakout & group discussions… and the discussions! Oh wow! It was truly impressive to see teachers helping teachers in this time of unprecedented change in the education system. It was a moving, inspiring experience. Exactly what was needed at that specific point in time.

Can’t make it October 17th? Please follow us on Twitter @EdCamp_AKInt, & plan to join us for our spring EdCamp!!