Celebrating 100% Teacher Retention! by Robin Jones, Principal of Chief Ivan Blunka School

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Teacher retention, effective classroom instruction, and institutional knowledge are key to closing achievement gaps and increasing student performance. It takes time for teachers to gain experience and maximize their effectiveness in the classroom.  When teachers commit to being consistent year after year, the students gain a sense of continuity and the staff gains strong collegiality and relational trust.

This year at Chief Ivan Blunka School, we were able to reap all of these benefits as we celebrated the 100% retention of our staff.  In a rural Alaskan village that has historically experienced significant turnover, this was a monumental accomplishment that has positively impacted our school climate and culture.  Together, we have built a safe and culturally sensitive environment where students and staff embrace challenges, take risks, and thrive. Celebrating the commitment of our staff continues to be my #proudestmoment as a school principal!

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